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The Cheated Lover -2017-

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The Cheated Lover
720 x 388 Pixel - MP4 - 2:09 Hour - 1560 MB - Englisch


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Cast: Simony Diamond, Vittoria Dolce, Amanda Fox

Studio: Pink'o
Released: 2017
Category: Affairs & Love Triangles, Feature

Codec: MP4
Laenge: 2:09 Std.
Aufloesung: 720*388 Pixel
Bitrate: 1609 Kbps
FPS: 23,97

Sprache: Englisch
Codec: AAC
Sample-Rate: 48000 Hz
Bitrate: 112 bps

Elena is the daughter of a rich man, she is married to Sergio, whose origins are very humble. When they married they had an agreement: he would never cheat on her, otherwise it would result in divorce and the loss of all the money and life style he's accustomed to; on the other hand, she has all the freedom she wants. But despite this agreement, Sergio now has a young and free-spirited lover, Titty, who threatens to leave him, if they don't spend the holidays together. Sergio finds a way to hire her as a house keeper at the beach house, so they can be closer. Rebecca, who manages the staff at the beach house, is not happy about this new hiring and has plotted with the staff to unveil the truth behind the new arrival . . . in the meanwhile, Elena, Sergio's wife, arrives at the beach house with her friend and personal shopper, and they decide to stay instead of going back to the city. At this point the situation becomes complicated and it results in a lustful story full of adultery, sex and intrigues where at the end the cheater is cheated on.

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